Pastor Darryl Delivers – “The Word”


Pastor Darryl SImmons – “Delivers the word!”

Each week Pastor Darryl Simmons is “online” to pray for you during the Wednesday noon-time prayer.  He is also very active in facilitating the Weekly Bible Study.

FROM THE PASTOR- April 2013:

As we have just come out of celebrating Resurrection Sunday, the thought that comes to my mind is that when we think about it is in order for it to happen first there has to be something that is dead. To be resurrected, means that it has to be brought up out of the state where there is no life, If the truth is told, we all were in the same situation because Paul tells the church at Ephesus these words in chapter 2 verse 1, “And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and in sins,” In other words, our lives before Jesus, even though some of us may have thought that we were living the good life, we were actually dead in trespasses and in sins, but the later verses of that same text tells us however that “God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved.) In other words,  without Jesus, we would be lost forever and not have the chance for redemption and resurrection. I cannot speak for you, but I know where I was when the Lord saved me.

I also know that there have been many times since then that I have needed a resurrection in my life. This is why I am so glad that I have come to know Christ Jesus for myself. The songwriter says it this way, “Without God, I could do nothing, without Him, I would fail, without Him, my life would be rugged, like a ship without a sail.” I wonder can someone else say the same? I’m glad for the resurrection of Jesus, how about you?


It is interesting that as I write this time, it is also most like last time (I’mstill fighting that same flu bug that gave me a temperature of 102.7) One thing that I’ve experience during this time is a personal one-on-one battle with the

enemy because he does not want me or any of the people of God to move forward to
advance the Kingdom. It is one thing to say you are in battle, it’s totally another
story to be in one. Let me share this; a Child of God is warrior; he or she is
called to do battle against the enemy of our souls. The days in we are apart of are
intense, but we have to remember God’s Word; “Greater is He that in me, than he
that is in the world.” Paul, writing to his young son in the gospel Timothy, whof3
was pastoring the church at Ephesus, shares with him in 1 Timothy 6: 12 tells him,
“Fight the good fight of faith.” He was telling him to stay in God no matter what
happens and continue to press towards the mark. So if you are a Child of God,
you’ve got to fight, when you money is low, you’ve got to fight, when you’ve
confused, you’ve still got to fight, when you’ve been betrayed, you’ve still got to
fight. In any and all situations that we may find ourselves in, we’ve got to fight
because the enemy wants to take us with him. And this is a everyday fight. Remember
what Peter told the church, “Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil
comes as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” In other words, don’t give him
the chance, fight back with what God has placed inside of you!

We have been blessed to come into the beginning of a brand new year. When I think about this, those of us who have played organized sports (football, basketball,
baseball, ran track and the like), how it was at the begining of the season; a chance to come back and play all over again, a chance to look at our past, learn
from our mistakes, correct them and move forward. If the truth be told, that’s how it is when we are given another day to live; We can look at yesterday, learn from
it and work to correct by living today. Psalms 118: 24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” In other words, everyday is a
day to give God thanks and praise for His goodness and mercy. Even on those days
when it seems as if NOTHING goes right, we still can give God praise knowing days
like these are few and far between. Somebody has had some difficulty in their life;
maybe the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of health, but you need to know
that God is concerned about you. He is right there with you as you are going
through your situation. It may have caught you off-guard, but not God. Not only
does He know about it, He has made a plan for this situation to make you stronger.
In 1 Samuel 17, when David told Saul that he was going out to fight the giant, Saul
started bringing up excuses why David could not fight him; How he’s warrior from
his birth, all he knows to do is to fight. David shares with Saul that he is a
shepherd for his father’s sheep. He tells how a loin came against the sheep, David
caught it by its mane and killed it. He also told of how a bear came against the
sheep, he caught it and killed it. Notice how David summerizes all of this, he
says, “If God can help me to kill and loin and a bear, surely he can help me to
defeat this uncircumcized Philistine. What is David saying? (1) What I have already
been through is going to help me defeat this giant. God has blessed all of us to
defeat some giants in our lives. Giants that we may have thought that we could
never defeat, (2) David is testfying of God faithfulness, someone here needs to
remember what God has brought you out of, you have not always been where you are
and you’re not going to stay where you are. You should have the testamony that
says, “If God has brought me through things in the past, He can bring me through
this” Whatever it is you’re going through, know that God is concerned about you and
help you when you are going the trails of life.