Prayer Requests

May We Pray for you?

Please leave your prayer requests here, 7 by 24 in our prayer request system!


And may God bless you…Pray on!

In the interim, we leave you with this prayer of comfort:

Dear Lord,       As we bow our heads in complete humbleness to you, we ask you for forgiveness of all our sins. We also thank you for all the bountiful blessings you so graciously bestow upon us. We ask that you be with all who are in need of your comfort. Grant them the solace and mercy of your loving spirit. Be with all who are lost and forgotten. Let them know that your arms of love and grace are enfolding them and that they are truly NOT alone, or forgotten. Please comfort those in grief and anguish as they come to terms with the realization that a loved one is gone forever. They are now one with you, Father….and like your son, Jesus Christ- -who is at your right hand, our loved ones are not far away, either. Father, more importantly, we thank you for your son, Jesus. Through Him, we can reach you for every need, and in addition, praise you for all things. In Jesus sake, Amen.